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William Koshorek
Well let me start off by saying i've been a transfan for as long as I could remember.I've created a vast majority of different customs ranging from G1 to the current R.I.D. program.
I've been doing customs for about five or so years now and am only getting more and more into it everyday.
In the future you will see more customs that i have made including a Transformable Unicron.
If there is anything else you would like to know,feel free to ask.
As i once learned,you'll never know untill you ask.

In the future, i hope that i can fill requests.Later,i might even part with an item or two down the road.(Don't expect not to shell out some money though!)
I'll let you know when and where when i do so.

Want to compliment or Put down?It's all good baby!
Email Me

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