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Goodbye my friends...goodbye..
Thank you one and all for the ride that we shared.
It was a blast while it lasted.
To those in my homeland,and those across the ocean,I thank you for your kind comments and suggestions.
But fret not!

Tis not the END!!!

What was once gone will now rise from the ashes like a Phoenix and be born again,once anew!

And although I leave,I will never be far away.

In the near future come see me in my new home at's Toy section.

Sit back...


Let the ride Start Anew!

Last Update!! Armada Demolishor Custom.
This guy hass been upgraded with Shoulder joints and a neck/head joint.I also drilled holes in each finger to give them that barrel feel.See below for pose shot.
And alas,tis sad to say but our time here is nearring an end.What was once to be,now gone in the wind.

Thank you all,and please,feel free to write about what you liked about the site.In the future,I hope to use some as quotes at the new site.(Credited of course.)

Hard to beleive this all started around March of this year and came as far as it did between now and then.

Thank you for all your support!


See "What's New" for updates
On an even Sadder note,the kits will be put on hold or worse yet not come to pass.I'm sorry to get all your hopes up,but if there is any new word on them you'll be sure to hear about them over at



Stike a pose!
Well,i'm just one to not be happy untill I can pose these suckers in cool poses and you can't do that with a brick with arms.
In the future I hope to update Scavanger since he's the next one i'll likely find.

Keep up the bashing people.

send a email