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There's always room for Improvement
Hello.Welcome to the new "Kit" page.Here is where you'll get to see what I plan to do with Future Kits.

G1 Megatron
Ok.The Figure has gotton a Compleate OVERHAUL!

The features in this upcomming kits include the following:

3-D Insignias on both hip pads as well as the chest area.

A new Foldable trigger area that becomes the much needed "Center" peice.(And you can still use the spring trigger!)And Articulated elbows.

A New Sculpted head with left to right movement along with a New Sculpted Face and a New Sculpted Middrift area.(Pat Lee Inspired design.)

And last but not least,the bonus parts are 2 sets of hands(Open and closed fist),a energy sword and an Energy Spiked Mace!(Mold will be in clear purple.)

(Picture is Prototype ONLY!)
G1 Optimus Prime
This Kit here will have the following:

You get the choice of two different style heads.
One is a Pat Lee Inspired head sculpt,the other is the classic "Cartoon" style head.Both have FULL articulation.

You also Get a Movie Syle Openable chest(W.I.P)
with a Openable Matrix!

A 3-D Insignia on the shoulder.(NO MORE STICKERS!)

You can get him with or without Movie Battle Damage.

Poseable legs and new sculpted Bumper area that looks good in Both modes!

See next 3 pics for more detailed pics of the Pat Lee inspired head...
Frontal/side veiw
Head,side veiw
Here you can see some of the detail on the side as well as the 3-D insignia on the shoulder.The cranium will differ later.The upper prtion will be thicker.
Back veiw
Almost done.The one side is fully sculpted as well as the front buth the other side will be finnished soon.But notice the Classic Cartoon Bolts?
G1 Grimlock
This pic just doesn't do the looks of him justice.

But as you can see there is now a 3-D insignia on his chest area.

What I plan to do with this kit offer the peice with the insignia as well as another replacment chest peice with a hole ripped into it with exposed inner mechanisims.(You G1 Patlee fans should be able to recognized what i'm ganna do...)

Also fetaures:

Head and shoulder articulation as well as dino neck atriculation as well as a optional G1 cartoon style head in dino mode.

A 3-D insignia on the dino chest that does seperate with transformation.

And a larger robot head so it doesn't look like it shrunk!
Not all these kits Need every single upgrade part to be poseable.

All you really need for poseablity for megatron is the Arms and Head kit.He doesn't need the new sculpted chest area,face,or hip plated to Upgraded.
The extras are bonus upgrades.

Same with Grimlock and Prime.

In the future there will be basic kits that you can purchase for less and still get poseablity or you can go all out and Deck the sucker out with Delux Kits.
Or you can Upgrade your kits after the basic upgrade kit one part at a time.

So YES!You CAN purchase certain parts only.

If all you want is the Chest and Middrift areas for Megatron and not have the poeability kits then that can be arranged.

Expect at least Grimlock and a second kit to be released around Christmas.